Of course, she was right.

Well, of course, she was right. She's always right. At any rate, my lovely wife Katherine has been telling me for a while now that I really, really should get my act together and start posting material that's a bit more substantial than can be expressed in packets of 140 characters.
In other words, I need to blog. Ah, that dirty word. Not without its stigma. Having something substantial to say can be a sufficient condition for one to create a blog, but to state the obvious, it's not at all a necessary condition for such. And so it is, that the unflattering title 'a blogger' now properly refers to yours truly.
Without a doubt, some who disagree with me in the future (people do that, sometimes, I don't know why), will see as a live option the possibility of referring to me, their ideological opponent, as 'a blogger' rather than a philosopher, a scholar, or whatever  lofty title makes me feel pretty good about my life. Well, let it be so, and face the inevitable: here I blog.

So, what sort of material should you expect to find here if you ever come back? Pretty much the same things you get from my twitter account @theoloGUI: a few thoughts about theology, philosophy, Christian apologetics, and hey, whatever else I feel like writing about, this is my blog, it says so on the top of that page.
Come visit some time.



  1. Welcome to the world of bloggers. Having never had any better title, I didn't know it wasn't flattering.

    PS. Any chance you'll have a French blog someday? The English market is a bit saturated, while the French one is an open ocean…

    1. My writings in French:


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