Testimonies to the Truth - by Lydia McGrew

Devotional Day 6 - He's the savior of the world and even forgives sins

Devotional Day 5 - He is *the* Son of God, and he reveals the Father

Devotional Day 4 - He's here! He's the one fulfilling God's promises

Devotional Day 3 - He performs miracles and they tell us who he is

Devotional Day 2 - He's really smart - where is that coming from?

Devotional Day 1 - Who is this man? Overcoming familiarity

Devotional: Who is this man? Re-encountering Jesus through the eyes of a not-yet-believer

Tim Stratton's book on free will and Molinism

A response to Kevin Timpe's review of my book

Recent shows discussing my book on Calvinist determinism

Reprobation, free will, and skeptical theism

"IF GOD, WHY EVIL?" conference in New York