Recent shows discussing my book on Calvinist determinism

In Excusing Sinners and Blaming God, I discuss the two most important critiques of Calvinist determinism: the allegations that it excludes human free will, and that it makes God the author of sin (or otherwise involves him inappropriately in evil).

In the last few months, I was given the opportunity to develop and defend the main claims of the book in several greatly enjoyable shows, so here are the links for you to view/listen.

1-Apologetics Academy, with Jonathan McLatchie

In this web seminar given at Jonathan McLatchie's apologetics academy, I developed in detail the various arguments in my book. I explain free will, discuss the pets/puppets argument, coercion argument, manipulation argument, the principle of alternate possibilities, etc... I discuss divine involvement in evil as well, and then we take audience questions.

2-Trinities Podcast with Dale Tuggy.

I was interviewed byDale Tuggy on his philosophical show "Trinities podcast", which resulted in two different episodes.
The first episode introduced all the notions: free will, determinism, Calvinism, moral responsibility, who believes what, what are the main issues, etc... Lots of clarification, and a fair bit of argumentation.
In the second episode, Dale put on the gloves and got into the ring for a few rounds of objections / responses to probe into the controversy on free will and divine involvement in evil.
It was all in good spirit and enjoyable, though you'll see he doesn't spare me the hard questions.

podcast 216 – Bignon’s Defense of Calvinism – Part 1
podcast 217 – Bignon’s Defense of Calvinism – Part 2

3-Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley: debate with W. Paul Franks

Finally, I debated the excellent philosopher W. Paul Franks from Tyndale University in Toronto, on Justin Brierley's popular radio show: "Unbelievable?"

The debate centered around the two main claims of my book: does Calvinism excuse sinners and make God guilty? The conversation tackles substantial issues surrounding determinism and the ability to do otherwise, the threat of Pelagianism, God's own free will, and the authorship of sin.
The exchange was vigorous and respectful.

Link to the episode

I hope you enjoy these, and if they make you want to read more, the book is available here.