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Recent shows discussing my book on Calvinist determinism

In Excusing Sinners and Blaming God, I discuss the two most important critiques of Calvinist determinism: the allegations that it excludes human free will, and that it makes God the author of sin (or otherwise involves him inappropriately in evil).

In the last few months, I was given the opportunity to develop and defend the main claims of the book in several greatly enjoyable shows, so here are the links for you to view/listen.

1-Apologetics Academy, with Jonathan McLatchie In this web seminar given at Jonathan McLatchie's apologetics academy, I developed in detail the various arguments in my book. I explain free will, discuss the pets/puppets argument, coercion argument, manipulation argument, the principle of alternate possibilities, etc... I discuss divine involvement in evil as well, and then we take audience questions.

2-Trinities Podcast with Dale Tuggy. I was interviewed byDale Tuggy on his philosophical show "Trinities podcast", which resulted in two different …